Starlink is a satellite internet service developed by SpaceX that aims to provide high-speed internet to rural and remote areas. Early reviews of the service have been positive, with users reporting speeds of up to 100 Mbps and low latency. However, it is currently only available in select areas and requires the purchase of a satellite dish and modem, which can be expensive upfront. Despite this, Starlink may be a valuable resource for those in need of reliable internet access in underserved communities.

Starlink Reviews: Is SpaceX’s Satellite Internet Worth the Cost?

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 by Melissa Sanders
Promising but Inconsistent

Starlink provides decent speeds and easy setup. However, occasional connection drops can disrupt usage. It has potential but needs fine-tuning.

 by RShap
Starlink is the Best

Starlink is the best Internet ever for those of us with who’s only other options are HughesNet or slow rural DSL.

 by JimmyD

We are extremely pleased with our Starlink internet service, as we are now consistently receiving download speeds between 60-240 Mbps with minimal disruptions. This is a significant improvement from our previous service, which often provided us with less than 3mbps and completely cut off our access on particularly bad days, with speeds dropping below 0.5mbps.

 by NW
On again off again, again

Another bad outage day again, it seems. Should get the new firmware soon hope that fixes it.

 by DEM

It works! From 3 Mbps with my former provider to over 100+ with Starlink