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FiberFirst is a new local internet service provider in Texas that is committed to delivering equal access to best-in-class networks, especially for communities that have been bypassed by other tech companies. Their mission is to provide the best internet to everyone, regardless of where they live. FiberFirst currently provides services in DFW, Georgetown, and Killeen, with plans to expand services to Jarrell, Harker Heights, and Mineral Wells.

FiberFirst Reviews: Discover What Customers Are Saying About This Texas Internet Service Provider

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 by HBG
Excellent installation/service/billing

Installer showed up right on time and installed my service in less than an hour. I am getting 1Gb/1Gb symmetric service and have had no service disruptions. I signed up for autopay so I won't have to worry about sending in a payment. Right now, I couldn't be happier.

 by Rj
Idiotic billing and service keeps cutting out

This company gives you a bill and expect you to pay five days later. In the extreme middle of the month even actually passed the middle of the month as if everybody gets paid every two weeks instead of monthly. It’s absolutely absurd and if you don’t use automatic payment, they charge you more. Utter jerks

 by Robin

Just cancelled Fiberfirst. They were charging me from Jan 29 and they didn't even install until Feb 28 and then had to come back Feb 29 to do something else until service could start. Apparently, it is the customers fault for the lack of communication and information from them. If you don't call them instead of emailing, replying back to their emails, etc. it's your fault you haven't received any information. BEWARE: there is also a $10 charge each month if you don't do auto pay, which I was never informed of since I have never received any account information from them. Maybe in a few years they will get the stuff together and be a better company, if they make it that long.

 by Robin
Fiberfirst customer svc

I agreed to sign up in January and the installation was just complete Feb 28th. There is ABSOLUTELY NO communication from them on anything. I had an original installation appt I think end of January which they rescheduled to end of Feb. Had all these different people coming out to do this that or whatever at random times. Never ONCE was there notice of any of these people coming to my home. Twice we had to reschedule our plans because of people just showing up, our gates are always locked so if we were not here, they can't access our backyard. Hopefully the WiFi works better than the company operates, we will see.

 by Jennifer
New Service

If I could give a zero I would. The customer service rep was very nice, and I appreciated that, but the service provided by this company is a joke. I scheduled an install that took 14 days to schedule. They came out on a Friday and installed the wire. I was scheduled to have the home install the following Friday between 1 and 5. I called at 4:30 to make sure they were coming, and they said they were sorry, but their techs have not been communicating with the reps and unfortunately my house was one of those that has to be rescheduled for another 7 business days out due to their internal error!!! Then when the rep actually put me on the was for 10 days out. This company and how they treat their customers is a joke. Your internal struggle should not become the customers problem, but apparently with FiberFirst the customer is last. If you can use or find ANYONE yourself some time and headache and go with anyone else.

 by Keith Dorsa
Fiber First

Fiber First is new to our community. Thye placed a door hanger and I contacted them to set up an install. Originally booked for late December but postponed until 1.9.24 due to their inability to meet their own schedule.

Installer never arrived during the stipulated time frame and no call from Fiber First at to why. I contacted them 3 hours after the install period and was told they were behind schedule but would get back to me. They did not.

Contacted them again 4 hours after the agreed install window and then was told that the service was installed incorrectly to the house. This work was done by a crew that did not speak one word of English.

On the final call they acted like they did not care nor could they tell me when this might get corrected and installed properly as I did not intend to just wait around every day while they figure it out. They could not tell me when it would be corrected so I cancelled the installation.

They act like they want new business as I would have been the first in our new community to get it but once signed up they simply do not care.

 by Dean Hand
Nothing but broken guarantees and promises

When I received the notice that FiberFirst was coming to my neighborhood, I was one of the first to sign up. I was told that I would be a priority for installation and that my first month would be free. I was also told that I would have internet functioning in my house by late September, 2023. I even agreed to have an advertising sign placed in my year (my house is on the main fairway of the neighborhood). Then it would it was delayed until October... then Nov.... Then Dec (the entire time I have FiberFirst displayed in my yard). I'm now told that the fiber is functioning properly and installations are happening, but I an NOT a priority installation. Now it will be late February at the SOONEST!! WTH??!?!? I have dozens of emails and text messages from your company containing broken guarantees and promises!!!

 by Christina
So far everything has been wonderful

The technicians showed up, were friendly and got the job done. My Internet is super fast. I am very happy. I don't know where these negative reviews are coming from because no on in my neighborhood has anything negative to say.

 by Jj
Horrible service

This service is fairly new to me and I've had two outages that have impacted my work schedule and there is never an estimated completion time.

 by Joanna Jupp
Worst Provider

If I could give them 0 stars I would. I had an appointment to have internet connected between 8-12. They never showed up. I work at home and lost a days wage because they did not show up. Will not do business with them again and will tell my friends and family not to do business with them.

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