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Quantum Fiber is the newly minted brand specifically launched to manage residential and small business fiber connections within the Lumen and CenturyLink ecosystem, amidst their corporate realignments. This brand consolidates gigabit internet service offerings for 16 states, drawing upon Lumen’s extensive fiber network. We invite you to share your experiences with Quantum Fiber and help others navigate this rebranding.

Quantum Fiber Reviews: Share Your Insights on This New Brand

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Quantum Fiber
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 by Matt

Guy stood around in my yard for an hour and did nothing. The next day another guy comes and says the fist guy didn't do his job so we have to wait for the install. The next day a third guy "drops a cable" then we don't here from them for a week. I called and they said they still can't do the install because they are too busy so I cancelled it. Customer service kept hanging up on me and the chat function is totally useless. Worse than Comcast and that's saying something.

 by Brad
Quantum = Terrible

Rating of zero.take 4 days to have someone come and fix a downed line then he says he can’t because there is a small branch in the way and he says he can’t trim it. So we still don’t have internet.beaware, read other reviews the real reviews are all bad.

 by Taylor

It went out 3 times in the first week an a half -- I request to be refunded since it was not working - they ignored me. It continued -- the service tech that I spoke with on the phone saw how consistently it kept going on (couldn't explain why) - sent a tech out (said that it was a mess, but he fixed it). Still consistently going out. The second tech I spoke to on the phone... same conversation "Yep. I see how consistently it is going out..." BUT DOING NOTHING TO FIX IT.

 by Es sadr
Stay away from quantum fiber Internet

Poor customer service they misrepresents the truth rude and disrespectful people running it stay away

 by AR
QF is crap



Their service is completely unreliable and their tech doesn't know anything! They come in, switch a box, and hope for the best : ). The last tech came in, looked at the modem/router from a distance, and declared that nothing was wrong with them. Then I told him what the previous tech told me: "Check the pool, cos your connection might be bad, you have millions of paket drops". He said, "I'm going to check the pool" and he just left! : ) I got a text 2 minutes later saying: "Good news! Your tech has finished your service".

I had trouble with them for months. If you call them upset because your internet keeps going down, they blacklist your phone and stop answering!

Their service is completely unreliable and their tech doesn't know anything! They come in, switch a box and hope for the best : ).

Whatever you do, don't get them!

 by Anna
The worst provider ever

Quantum Fiber is the worst provider I have ever had. It is the third month I have experience with it, and every single month there were Internet issues. Now they can't restore Internet outage for more than a week. Quantum Fiber team is telling lies and keep promising that the connection will be restored in 24 hours, but actually it is not. The managers are not competent and are totally unhelpful. There is Noone in this company who can help with the service. So I will definitely not recommend this provider.

 by Alex
Good for speed

Quantum Fiber delivers on speed but sometimes lacks consistency, with sporadic outages. Customer service is a mixed bag. Installation was hassle-free but invasive. Good for speed-seekers, yet there's room for improvements.