Summit Broadband

Summit Broadband

Summit Broadband is a telecommunications company that provides internet, television, and telephone services to residential and business customers. They are a regional provider, with coverage primarily in Florida. Reviews of Summit Broadband are mixed, with some customers praising the company’s high-speed internet and reliable service, while others have complained about customer service issues and slow internet speeds. Overall, Summit Broadband’s customer satisfaction rating is average.

Summit Broadband Reviews: What Customers are Saying about the Regional Provider’s Internet Services in Florida

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Summit Broadband
Average rating:  
 14 reviews
 by Bob Joyce

Volume interruption and Video pixelation on every channel up to 10x per minute for 3 months now I had 3 service calls and replaced all the equipment the problem (not fixed) the Signal coming to Our Building and Complex has not been resolved. When Summit When!..

 by AJ
Why no Weather Channel?

All too often, Channel 27, The Weather Channel, is unavailable starting at 6 AM. Instead, viewers are greeted by the dreaded revolving buffering circle. No one at Summit seems to know why. They say they are aware of the problem but it keeps recurring.

 by Ava
Summit is a disgrace

I had to give a one, but it should be a zero.. worst customer service, but more then that no one knows what they are talking about they appear to have no training.. Each customer service gives a different answer to your issue. I would have changed ASAP, but they are foxy. Our complex has been completely wired with Summit, so no other cable company can come in.

 by Steve T
How bad can they be

I can't give them any stars, but had to put 1 star to post. Unfortunately my HOA looking after Glenbrook chose to switch to Summit. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS. Phone line continually down, TV more often than not, not working. Spend hours waiting to speak to someone. Internet off too much.

I have to call on my cell, then they ask for email or landline details and I have to point out the reason I'm calling is nothing is working, AGAIN...

 by Greg Hodai

Summit sucks. Pure and simple. Everything about them is the lowest level of service. Quality, response, uptime. My HOA went with them but I wish they didn’t. I rather spend more but get a good service. They just don’t care. Run as fast as you can from them.

 by Linda
Service Out More Than On

Absolutely the worst service ever. Just had whole home rewired after a month of fighting with Summit Broadband. Wiring needed to be redone due to Hurricane Ian. Even with new wiring internet and cable seem to go out nightly and what Customer Service are we talking about? I cannot even stand the term “Customer Service” any more. Summit Broadband literally tortures you with the same tune for hours on end hoping you will hang up and go to the internet to find your answer. Which of course you cannot because you have no INTERNET SERVICE!

 by Nancy Draper
Summit Broadband

If I could give less than 1 star, I would. Our internet goes out weekly for hours and it takes hours to get technical support. Unfortunately our condo included this in our HOA fees so we have no choice and I thought Spectrum was bad.

 by Joseph

I have been in the business for close to 30 years in Florida . I have dealt with every provider you could image. They are by far the worst company in the state. The equipment is old antiquated and typically not even there’s. Decade old TiVo boxes and remotes. I have been on hold for over 45 minutes waiting to talk to someone for a client. You can complain about Comcast all day long but they have superior equipment and better customer service. It doesn’t mean they are perfect but they are miles above in providing a quality product and support. A lot of gated communities here get sold on the lower price and then you’re locked in for a 10 or 15 year contract. If it’s in your power, never use this company or get convinced to switch. They didn’t even deserve the 1 star!

 by bill

Worst company ever. Even when the internet connection is working, speed is much slower than promised. Customer support is awful. Never thought I'd see a company so bad they make Spectrum look good.

 by Marcos Rodriguez
Worst Cable Company I have Ever Encountered

I have been around long before cable. In all of my years this has to be the most incompetent worst service provider in the state of Florida. If your condo association is thinking about switching to Summit I suggest you stay away. Service has weekly outages and customer service is no help.

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