Summit Broadband

Summit Broadband

Summit Broadband is a telecommunications company that provides internet, television, and telephone services to residential and business customers. They are a regional provider, with coverage primarily in Florida. Reviews of Summit Broadband are mixed, with some customers praising the company’s high-speed internet and reliable service, while others have complained about customer service issues and slow internet speeds. Overall, Summit Broadband’s customer satisfaction rating is average.

Summit Broadband Reviews: What Customers are Saying about the Regional Provider’s Internet Services in Florida

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Summit Broadband
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 17 reviews
 by Fed up!
Tired of clicking "do you want to continue watching this

Yes, I want to continue watching my program without having to click on the blue button on the screen! It interrupts every program and just when a program is getting interesting, Summit shuts the t.v. off, as if we don't live in the free world! Oh, maybe we don't! I forgot, we were forced into having Summit by our condo HOA! Beware of management who likes kick backs! We were supposed to see a refund for the two months Summit didn't work after installation. NOPE! It went to the owners here, nothing to us! Meanwhile, Spectrum would not let us out of our contract and kept charging almost $200 a month! Frankly, I remember in 1984 when basic cable cost $10 dollars a month and we got one movie channel for free! I sure wish we could go back to that and not have the government and China spying on us, or get ripped of by cable providers that shut the t.v. off during sports or movies! Get with it people!

Worst ever Scam!

We were forced to get this provider by our HOA! It's the absolute worst cable provider! As Republicans, we've been cut off from watching FOX NEWS so many times and we are now being told by Summit it is a "network problem"! Really? Then why can the Summit service people fix it when they come here? Stop lying to us! We were told this provider was less expensive, dependable and quite comparable to Spectrum Cable, all lies! Then, we found out our community owners were getting kick-backs from Summit for signing our 5,000 unit community up with them! This was a scam deal and we are suffering the consequences of the greed of those in power! Shameful! As a result of being used as guinea pigs for a start-up company, we have experienced long weekends of no service, black-outs and dropped channels, lost time with our Prime movie and other paid subscriptions and entertainment while recovering from surgeries! This has not been a simple hourly loss of service, but a pain in the butt purchase in every aspect! Shameful business that should face class action suits along with those companies who abuse their homeowners!

 by Cuse

Beware of summit Broadband – The salesman quotes you one price then they bill you double – if you can even get a bill, then once you get your bill with the inflated rate they overbill you ( they billed me for the month of November when we started in December). Their response was oops sorry we can fix that. I was at there location on Route 951 in Naples and it took me over a hour to get everything straightened out ( except the quote from the salesman) . While I was at there brick and mortar store there were 7 other people that came in expressing there extreme displeasure with Summit . I really feel sorry for the people working there ( I’m sure they wont last long) of the 7 and including myself 4 canceled their service , at that rate they are loosing ~ 30 customers a day . BEWARE !!

 by Bob Joyce

Volume interruption and Video pixelation on every channel up to 10x per minute for 3 months now I had 3 service calls and replaced all the equipment the problem (not fixed) the Signal coming to Our Building and Complex has not been resolved. When Summit When!..

 by AJ
Why no Weather Channel?

All too often, Channel 27, The Weather Channel, is unavailable starting at 6 AM. Instead, viewers are greeted by the dreaded revolving buffering circle. No one at Summit seems to know why. They say they are aware of the problem but it keeps recurring.

 by Ava
Summit is a disgrace

I had to give a one, but it should be a zero.. worst customer service, but more then that no one knows what they are talking about they appear to have no training.. Each customer service gives a different answer to your issue. I would have changed ASAP, but they are foxy. Our complex has been completely wired with Summit, so no other cable company can come in.

 by Steve T
How bad can they be

I can't give them any stars, but had to put 1 star to post. Unfortunately my HOA looking after Glenbrook chose to switch to Summit. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS. Phone line continually down, TV more often than not, not working. Spend hours waiting to speak to someone. Internet off too much.

I have to call on my cell, then they ask for email or landline details and I have to point out the reason I'm calling is nothing is working, AGAIN...

 by Greg Hodai

Summit sucks. Pure and simple. Everything about them is the lowest level of service. Quality, response, uptime. My HOA went with them but I wish they didn’t. I rather spend more but get a good service. They just don’t care. Run as fast as you can from them.

 by Linda
Service Out More Than On

Absolutely the worst service ever. Just had whole home rewired after a month of fighting with Summit Broadband. Wiring needed to be redone due to Hurricane Ian. Even with new wiring internet and cable seem to go out nightly and what Customer Service are we talking about? I cannot even stand the term “Customer Service” any more. Summit Broadband literally tortures you with the same tune for hours on end hoping you will hang up and go to the internet to find your answer. Which of course you cannot because you have no INTERNET SERVICE!

 by Nancy Draper
Summit Broadband

If I could give less than 1 star, I would. Our internet goes out weekly for hours and it takes hours to get technical support. Unfortunately our condo included this in our HOA fees so we have no choice and I thought Spectrum was bad.

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