HostGator, founded in 2002, is a prominent web hosting company known for its wide range of services. With offerings from shared hosting to dedicated servers. They have garnered a mixed reputation over the years. Some users laud the company, whereas others have raised concerns about certain billing and support aspects of their service. If you’ve used HostGator, we invite you to share your experience, helping others make informed decisions.

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 by Jason
Feelings are mixed

I've used HostGator for just over a year and my feelings are mixed. Their platform is what to be expected in terms of use, but I faced occasional downtime and poor support. While their initial pricing was competitive, renewal was a shock and expensive. Having to pay multiple years in advanced is also a turn off. It's worth comparing before settling with HostGator.

 by NyKu
hostgator anxiety

So I thought, hey I'm going to cancel my renewal so I don't get charged. I will still have access until the end of term? Well, HostGator cancels immediately and deletes all my data. Don't trust HostGator, they will chomp your all your files.

 by T.D

HostGator sucks!

 by J.L

After 10 yrs w/ HostGator I am ending my relationship w/ them. I didn’t realize I’ve been paying $150 annually the last 4 yrs. I’ve been hacked w/ malware 3 times in less then 2 yrs & they want me to pay more for monitoring & clean up? I don’t think so.

 by Corey.C
My site is down

Friggin Sitelock and HostGator at it again!! My site is down, pay us extra to get it back up. 2nd time they’ve pulled this crap.. holding my site hostage until I pay more. Time to change homes for myself and clients.

 by UFOS

HostGator has taken down our website WITHOUT NOTICE. We strongly warn all website owners against using their services. Don't make the same mistake we did by trusting HostGator with your reputation.

 by PJ

And my website it down again. 3rd time (that I know of) in the last few weeks. HostGator the worst website hosting option. I am cancelling my hosting plan TODAY.

 by Luis.R

Went to hostgator based on reviews and it turned out to be a really bad decision. I found out the vast majority of reviews are FAKE, not made by real consumers. They're paid for, or made by affiliates for monetary gain.

When you find a host that has hundreds or even thousands of glowing positive reviews, that should be considered a WARNING. They're FAKE, it doesnt happen like that in the hosting industry or any other. Happy clients rarely make reviews.

 by R.Seven

Hostgator hosting service is awful... Up and down like a yoyo, customer support is worse, and no pro-rated refund for dissatisfied customers. Good riddance... leaving money on the table to migrate.

 by Jon.G

What a sub-standard experience. I've been a customer for years. Servers are miserable and support staff is robotic and impersonal. Chat is horrible, no ticketing system for questions, no support. What a total buzzkill.

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