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 by Alax
EXTREMELY dissatisfied

DigitalOcean has blocked outgoing traffic on servers using VestaCP. Why should an unaffected server have a block? My server wasn't compromised, but my web applications are now broken. I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with DigitalOcean.

 by Andei

DigitalOcean has blocked all servers running VestaCP whether or not they are exploited. I opened a ticket and they just refused to unblock my outgoing traffic, even though I remain unaffected by the VestaCP security vulnerability. They totally ignored the initial message where I told them I'd already changed port. I am also unable to update Vesta because of the outbound traffic block.

 by Matías

Bad service, do not answer open tickets, more than 96hs to restore service.

 by Fran

Everything is good, until you need technical support, then you know how a company cares for its customers.

 by PN

I really disappointed about DigitalOcean services. I've paid 500$ per/month since 11/30/2013. But now this is time to transfer to another hosting provider.

They disable SMTP without notification and all most of our Droplet can't send email to register users (confirm register email, forgot password, transactional mail such as order confirmations). I've created a ticket to ask your support, then 4 days passed and nobody to response my ticket.

Please beware!

 by Cas

Beware this is a scam they are frauds! Never never give them a credit card they steal your monies even after you delete the account!