Bluehost is a web hosting company that offers a range of solutions, including WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Reviews of Bluehost are diverse, with many users applauding the platform’s ease of use, while some have raised concerns over technical support and occasional downtimes. If you’ve used Bluehost, please take a moment to leave your review and help potential users make informed decisions. Your feedback can make a difference!

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 by Nathan
Slow & Frequent Downtimes

I had high hopes for Bluehost, but my experience was underwhelming. The initial setup was straightforward, but my site faced frequent downtimes. I reached out to customer support several times, but their responses were slow and often unhelpful. While their pricing seemed competitive, the reliability and support just didn't match up. I'm considering other hosting options now.

 by Anonymous

Unfortunate, deactivated my account without warning despite charging me 36 months of services I didn't receive yet, on the grounds of "suspicious activity". When asked, they could not give me a reason as to what the "suspicious activity" was (I had just registered for about 12 hours), then I get a suspicious email of their own asking me for a copy of my photo I.D. Lol no way folks, refunded and walked away.

 by DA

Avoid bluehost at all times. They will scam you for more money when your website has issues. They wanted to charge me $12,000 per year to monitor my websites or else I cant use their service anymore after 4 years with them.

 by Paul
Run away from Bluehost!!!!!!

Plz people Bluehost sucks. My sites have been down for 2 months. Run do not walk away from Bluehost!!!!!!

 by TM

Fraud scam? Bluehost suspended a website & emailed asking for photo id and credit card information. *No* warning. Terrible service.

 by Opinionator

DO NOT USE bluehost - they are going to scam you with SiteLock.

 by Gordon.D

From my 2 years experience, bluehost are hands down the worst web hosting & server business I've worked with. Awful support, too. Stay away.

 by John.C

All my sites are down AGAIN. This happens at least once a month. The cloud hosting is absolutely awful.

 by JV

Bluehost tells me my the price for my 4year old hosting plan will be doubled, now 4x public price advertised on their homepage. SCAM!

 by AS

They're the worrrrrst. Switch to DataPacket. But once you switch, watch out, because Bluehost charged me FIVE TIMES after I switched. And I'm keeping my promise to tell everyone I know about it until I get a refund. Such scam artists. So glad I'm done with them.

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