Brightspeed is a new company that provides home and business internet service. It was created by acquiring assets from Lumen-CenturyLink. By reading our reviews from current and past customers, you can gain valuable insight into the quality and reliability of Brightspeed’s service.

Brightspeed Reviews: What Customers are Saying about the New ISP

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 4 reviews
 by Joe E

Brightspeed connectivity is terrible at best. Customer service lies when telling the truth is easier. Save your money invest in a couple cans connected be a string , you will be happier. I did not think anyone could be worst than CenturyLink. I was wrong.

 by Paul
Garbage csr, garbage technicians, decent technology

The fiber works, not as good as they say but it works. The people that work there or probably the worst people in the internet industry i have ever dealt with, as well as the technicians. Sloppy work, lied to my face, lied over the phone, refused to resolve my issue.

 by Dave
Horrible Customer Service

Brightspeed recently bought out CenturyLink and took over my service in rural NC, I would have never guessed that it could have gotten worse than CenturyLink...

My internet goes out regularly now and I just tried to contact customer service because my latency has been horrible for the past two days and they wouldn't even troubleshoot the issue because they said my modem needed to be replaced because it was old. If they were not the only option available for cabled internet out here I would no longer have this 'service'. Absolutely garbage company.

 by William.B
Good Fiber Service

My business fiber has not disappointed. Little pricey, but very happy with the service so far. If the support and service remain the same as with Lumen and CenturyLink, I only see good things for Brightspeed.