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Cox Communications
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 by Phillip Taylor
Over priced and poor service

I have been a Cox Communication business customer more then five years and I am currently running a site that requires a static ip address.

The current business prices and service level is not even close to Verizon. For example Cox communications monthly cost for 4 mb up and 25 mb down is $110.00 per month compared to Verizon business service is $122.00 and the customer gets 70 mb down and 30 mb up on their Internet service.

When it comes to customer service Cox Communications is the worse company. They are just as bad when it comes to pricing and service like Road Runner who use to be our old Internet service provider.


01. Cox Communications does understand how the internet works with it comes to dealing their customers.

02. Cox Communications over charge their customers for business solutions compared to Verizon.

03. Cox Communications has no respect when dealing with their customers and if they are unhappy with the service they tell you that may you should go find a different provider.

04. Unwilling to deal with massive flooding attacks coming across Cox communication work and its sometimes effects my outgoing traffic. The company response is its your problem.

05. Verizon will be in my ready in my area soon.

06. Cox Communications is so cheap they squeak.

07. Cox Communications abuse department does respond or return the customers phone calls.

08. True fact Cox Communication can block traffic if a individual ip address is causing a large amount of traffic or attacking a Cox Communication customer. The conversation I had with Cox on January 4, 2013 at 11:00am I told them that if attack accures the most common cause is that the machine is infected with a computer virus, hacked or running bots. If this happens the machine should be on the internet.

09. Blocks can be placed on a individual ip address by the source and the desination ip address. Cox Communication refuse to place a temporary blocks.

I have been dealing with networks since 1990and I have plenty experience with installing configuring several different operating systems that includes Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Nt, FreeBSD, Linux and Os/2.

Dealing with flooding, denial service attacks and bots can sometime be hard to deal with when you getting a large amount of it at the same time. For example take small pipe and shove a banana down the pipe and on the opposite side try and shove a object through the pipe get my drift?

Trying to deal with service issues with Cox Communications for the past 2 years has been nightmare.

My best advice is if you have Cox Communications as your provider then maybe you should get a different provider, and if Cox Communications is not your provider then I would recommend that you avoid them.